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Vision – A Partnership to nurture continuing educational excellence

Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium (SAPDC) is dedicated to promoting student learning and achievement; school improvement; and parental engagement in the educational process, through the provision of effective professional development services for school jurisdictions in Southern Alberta. Goals

The Southern Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia will:

  • Facilitate professional development which supports the effective implementation of components of The Alberta Education business plan; Jurisdiction and school education plans; and Regional School Council priorities.
  • Facilitate professional development which supports effective implementation of curricula, including instruction, assessment and student learning outcomes.
  • Assist stakeholders through coordinating, brokering, and acting as a referral center to facilitate stakeholder access to professional development resources.
  • Deliver professional development on the identified and emerging needs of educational stakeholders.
  • Promote and support the development of professional development leadership capacity.
  • Provide all stakeholders with access to professional development at a reasonable cost.

The following individuals have agreed to represent their organizations on the Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium Board:

Board Member
Alberta Education - is the provincial government department responsible for the delivery of education programs and services for people of all ages. It works with parents, educators, business and industry to create opportunities for Albertans to learn throughout their lives

Allison Pike
Alberta School Councils' Association - a provincial association of parents and community supporters who are committed to enhancing student success through meaningful involvement in children's education and schooling.

Barb Salmon
Alberta School Boards Association - a province-wide organization of locally elected school boards.

Allan Thompson
Deborah Constable 
Gordon Thomas
Alberta Teachers' Association - the professional organization of teachers

Phil Johansen
Association of School Business Officials of Alberta - a professional association dedicated to promoting the highest standards of school business management in all aspects, and the status, competency, leadership qualities, and ethical standards of school business officials at all levels

Lorelie Lenaour

Sharon Pelech - Assistant Professor

SAPDC Governance

Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium (SAPDC) is dedicated to promoting student learning and achievement, school improvement, and parental engagement in the educational process through the provision of professional learning opportunities. ARPDC is governed by a Board comprised of representatives from: CASS, ASBA, ASBOA, ASCA, Post-Secondary, ATA and Alberta Education. The Board ensures that programs align with the goals of the Consortium.