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Level I - VTRA - Medicine Hat - June 2017

Date(s): 7 June 2017 — 8 June 2017
Time: 8:45 am — 4:00 pm
$95.00 per person OR $95.00 per group member
(Note: includes lunch )
Focus: Inclusive Education
Grade: Adult Education,All grade levels K-12
Medicine Hat (Medicine Hat 76 Central Office)
601 1 Ave SW
Carla Carrier
Cst. David Chow
Hugh Lehr
Jackie Sehn
Renee Wagner
Course Code: SA6LO137
Registration closing date:
06 June 2017 - 1:00 pm



Course Enrolment

Available: 15

Registered: 27

Total: 42

The primary purpose of this two-day training is to teach school administrators, counsellors, police officers, and other related partners (community mental health, social services, probation, etc.) the multidisciplinary process of determining if a threat maker actually poses a risk to a target or targets they have threatened. Teams also assess students who already have histories of violence and are concerned about further and/or more serious violence potential. Serious violence is an evolutionary process and most students leave (intentionally or unintentionally) signs and indicators. Teams are trained to become local experts at collecting data that helps to paint a clear picture of how high risk a student may be to carry out an act of violence towards themselves or others and what the appropriate intervention should be based on that data.

Hugh Lehr, Associate Superintendent, Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education
Cst. David Chow, School Resource Officer, Medicine Hat Police Service
Carla Carrier, Director of Student Services, Medicine Hat School District
Jackie Sehn, Director of Student Services, Medicine Hat School District
Renee Wagner BSW, RSW, AHS Addictions and Mental Health Services PAS Team Leader

School Administrators, Counselling Staff who either coordinate or participate in the VTRA process in school settings. Mental Health Therapists, Human Services, Law Enforcement and other interested community partners.

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